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Creating A Cancellation Policy

Ugh! The dreaded cancellation policy! It's something you have to do. As long as you make sure clients know your policies by clearly stating them - you'll be good to go!

It's important to have your cancellation policy listed on your website, Facebook page, instruction cards, and consent forms.

This is not being "mean" it's just asking for respect of your time. Which we all deserve!

Here are a few examples of cancellation policies:
- "Please give 24 hour notice when cancelling or rescheduling to avoid a $25 fee."
- "Appointments must be canceled or rescheduled 48 hours in advance or 50% of the service will be charged to the credit card on file."
- "If a client is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be cancelled and the client will be charged a no-show fee."

Policies do not have to be limited to cancellations; they can include any other instructions to respect your business. Here are some more examples:
- "No unattended children in studio."
- "Please arrive 10 minutes early to appointment"
- "Please arrive with clean lashes to your appointment or you will be charged a $10 cleaning fee."
- "Please refrain from drinking caffeine right before your appointment."

Again, these are just basic examples. Find what works best for your business and clientele. 

Here are a few helpful tips for setting up your own policies:
- Allow a little room for error. It's okay to allow one "get out of jail free" card when the situation calls for it.
- Stand your ground and don't let anyone take advantage of you, while remaining professional of course! Remain firm on policies that you set.
- If you're going to keep a credit card on file make sure your client knows this and agrees to it in writing (you can add this to your consent form)
- If you're uncomfortable with keeping a credit card on file, you can charge a booking fee.

Do you have any other tips that have helped you maintained a balanced cancellation policy? We want to hear em!

Happy Tuesday, & LASH ON!


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TIP TUESDAY: Six Questions to Ask Your Client When Troubleshooting

There will come a time when a client is unhappy with their lash extensions. More than likely it’s due to their retention rate being low. Here are six helpful questions to ask them when troubleshooting why their lashes aren’t lasting as long as they should be.


What are your sleeping habits?

  • Sleeping face down can cause natural lash damage.
  • It’s obviously ideal for them to sleep on their back or side.
  • Even side sleepers will have a dominate side and you will notice less retention.
  • If a client can’t shake the habit of sleeping on their tummy suggest a silk pillowcase.

Are you cleaning your lashes regularly?
  • Lashes need baths too!
  • Not cleansing your lashes will create a buildup of makeup in between lashes. This will break down the bond in the adhesive.
  • LASHBOMB offers a Lash Splash Cleanser which is perfect for lash baths. It keeps lashes clean, clients happy & your job easier. Plus it adds more to your bottom line as you can carry it as a retail item in your studio.

How are you taking off your makeup?
  • Make sure any makeup remover they’re using is oil free.
  • Oil will break down the bond and cause retention issues.

How hot are your showers?
  • Wear and tear is a major contributor to lash loss.
  • Remind your client to avoid direct steam from showers, steam rooms, saunas...etc.

What type of makeup products are you using?
  • Make sure any makeup products they’re using near their eyes are oil free.
  • Eyeliner, mascara for bottom lashes, eyeshadow, and even foundation can migrate to the lash line and create retention issues.
  • It’s vital that your client knows not to use mascara on their lash extensions at any cost.
  • Clients love our Crystal & Black Crystal Sealer to coat on their lashes daily. It keeps the bond strong and helps retention rate. You can also sell this at retail.

Are you touching or picking your lashes?
  • We have oils and dirt on our hands that will transfer to our lashes.
  • Teach them to use the mascara wand as much as possible to fix any issues
  • Remind your client to not over brush their lashes.

These are just a few examples of what you can ask. Always feel free to ask any other questions that might help you solve the problem to keep your client satisfied with your work!

Yours Always, LASHBOMB

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TIP TUESDAY: Understanding Artificial Lashes
 and FIVE TIPS For Choosing The Best Lashes For Your Client:

Artificial Lashes come in many different types of materials. There are; mink, silk, human hair, synthetic mink and other options. LASHBOMB uses synthetic mink made from a material called PBT. Not only do synthetic lashes keep our product cruelty free it also gives you a longer lasting, stronger curl.

Lashes come in a variety of curl, length and diameter.

So what are the differences? We are happy you asked!


Curl comes in six different varieties: J, B, C, CC, D and DD.

J: most relaxed curl

B: understated curve - perfect for a “natural” look
C: these mimic what your natural lashes would look like with an eyelash curler. C curl lashes are great for a “winged eye” look.

D: wow factor lashes are created with D lashes they have an even more noticeable curl.
CC: this option helps give dimension to your C or D sets - it also is helpful when transitioning from C to D.

DD: your most dramatic option and a LASHBOMB favorite.


Length gives you even more option to work with! LASHBOMB carries 12 different sizes in length; 7mm- 18mm.

The larger the number, the longer the lash. Clients must always be evaluated to determine which length their natural lash can hold.

Length is how you style each eye shape. For example…

Cat Eye: Smaller lengths in the inner eye graduating to the longest lash on the outer edge.

Open Eye: Use the longest length in the middle of the eye.


Gauge is the diameter of the extension. LASHBOMB carries 8 different gauge sizes to make certain you have options when choosing the right lash for your client. 

We carry; 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20.

The higher the gauge the heavier the lash. 

Here is an example of C curl 12mm lashes and their weight.

0.20 diameter lash = 0.00030 gr.
0.18 diameter lash = 0.00025 gr.
0.15 diameter lash = 0.00015 gr.
0.12 diameter lash = 0.00013 gr.

0.10 diameter lash = 0.00010 gr.
0.07 diameter lash = 0.00006 gr.
0.05 diameter lash = 0.00004 gr.

Lowering the gauge per lash is perfect for Volume lashes!
 Five 0.07 lashes weigh the same as one 0.20 lash!

FIVE Tips for choosing the right lash for your client:
1. When clients have smaller eyes try using a bigger curl instead of longer lashes

2. The deeper the curl the more likely it is to touch the client’s eyelid (for this reason LASHBOMB does not offer DD Curl in 12mm or lower.

3. J curl is never ideal for clients with naturally curly lashes - they will not sit right.

4. 0.15, 0.18 or 0.20 gauge is perfect for healthy natural lashes that want standard lash extensions
5. For deep set eyes (significant protruding brow bone) use longer lashes to make up the distance.

woman getting eyelash extensions

'Tip Tuesday: Five Helpful Consultation Questions'

Let’s talk consultation! This little chat with a new client is an important part of their experience. Today for ’Tip Tuesday’ LASHBOMB will be sharing five helpful questions ask! This not only will give your client exactly what they were looking for but keep them coming back for more!

  1. Have you ever had eyelash extensions before?
    - If they have, why did they have them removed?
  2. Do you have any allergies?
    - This question is the most important! Making sure they aren't allergic to anything you will be using near their eyes seems obvious. They'll be happy you asked!
  3. Are you looking for more volume, length or both?
    - An easy way to get an idea for this if they aren't sure is by asking, "Do you wear mascara for length or volume?"
  4. Do you use an eyelash curler?
    - This will help you understand how much curl they like.
  5. Would you rather your results be more cautious or dramatic?
    - This is the defining question to make sure you don't go too bold. Always remember it's better to start on the less dramatic side of things. You can work your way towards more drama at each fill.

Keep in mind the size of their eyes, how they wear their makeup (is it more natural or dramatic?), and how healthy their natural lash is. 

Always be open and honest with your clients! If they have brittle and sparse natural lashes but want a long, mega volume set - you’ll have to explain to them what is best for their lashes. This is a great time to recommend LASHBOMB Explosive Growth Serum.
Extra Tip: It’s a good idea to ask them these questions again at the beginning of their next appointment. They will always have a stronger opinion of what they want the second time around! 

Happy Lashing,