Artificial Lashes come in many different types of materials. There are; mink, silk, human hair, synthetic mink and other options. LASHBOMB uses synthetic mink made from a material called PBT. Not only do synthetic lashes keep our product cruelty free it also gives you a longer lasting, stronger curl.

Lashes come in a variety of curl, length and diameter.

So what are the differences? We are happy you asked!


Curl comes in six different varieties: J, B, C, CC, D and DD.

J: most relaxed curl

B: understated curve - perfect for a “natural” look
C: these mimic what your natural lashes would look like with an eyelash curler. C curl lashes are great for a “winged eye” look.

D: wow factor lashes are created with D lashes they have an even more noticeable curl.
CC: this option helps give dimension to your C or D sets - it also is helpful when transitioning from C to D.

DD: your most dramatic option and a LASHBOMB favorite.


Length gives you even more option to work with! LASHBOMB carries 12 different sizes in length; 7mm- 18mm.

The larger the number, the longer the lash. Clients must always be evaluated to determine which length their natural lash can hold.

Length is how you style each eye shape. For example…

Cat Eye: Smaller lengths in the inner eye graduating to the longest lash on the outer edge.

Open Eye: Use the longest length in the middle of the eye.


Gauge is the diameter of the extension. LASHBOMB carries 8 different gauge sizes to make certain you have options when choosing the right lash for your client. 

We carry; 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20.

The higher the gauge the heavier the lash. 

Here is an example of C curl 12mm lashes and their weight.

0.20 diameter lash = 0.00030 gr.
0.18 diameter lash = 0.00025 gr.
0.15 diameter lash = 0.00015 gr.
0.12 diameter lash = 0.00013 gr.

0.10 diameter lash = 0.00010 gr.
0.07 diameter lash = 0.00006 gr.
0.05 diameter lash = 0.00004 gr.

Lowering the gauge per lash is perfect for Volume lashes!
 Five 0.07 lashes weigh the same as one 0.20 lash!

FIVE Tips for choosing the right lash for your client:
1. When clients have smaller eyes try using a bigger curl instead of longer lashes

2. The deeper the curl the more likely it is to touch the client’s eyelid (for this reason LASHBOMB does not offer DD Curl in 12mm or lower.

3. J curl is never ideal for clients with naturally curly lashes - they will not sit right.

4. 0.15, 0.18 or 0.20 gauge is perfect for healthy natural lashes that want standard lash extensions
5. For deep set eyes (significant protruding brow bone) use longer lashes to make up the distance.