If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, increasing your bottom line, and sharing LASHBOMB products, then our wholesale program will be a game changer for you! 
LASHBOMB offers three levels of Wholesale options to best meet your business needs. Each level has an initial buy-in amount, requires a monthly minimum purchase, and varies in discount level. 
Bronze Level: 
$500 initial buy-in 
$250 required monthly minimum   
20% discount on all LASHBOMB products*
Silver Level: 
$700 initial buy-in 
$350 required monthly minimum
30% discount on all LASHBOMB products*
Gold Level: 
$1,000 initial buy-in 
$500  required monthly minimum 
40% discount on all LASHBOMB products*  
*Some exclusions apply, including Kits, Glamcor Lights, Magnifying Glasses, and Lash Anarchist Products. Exclusions subject to change. 
If your monthly purchases will be more than the options above, you may qualify for our Distributor discount. 
Executive Level: 
$2,000 initial buy-in 
$1,000  required monthly minimum
50% discount on all LASHBOMB products 
10% discount on products that are normally excluded (Glamcors, Vortex, Glasses, Mini/Small/Large/Mega Kits, LASHBOMB gear) 
Call us directly at 801-707-7196 for more information.