7 Ways to Level Up Your Career in 2022 ✨

7 Ways to Level Up Your Career in 2022 ✨


There's something magical about a New Year. It's the perfect time to set new goals and get clear on what you want to see happen in the upcoming months. We have compiled a list of a few things that will help you reach your #CAREERGOALS in 2022. 


1. Get Refined 

Take New Courses

Whether you have a specific skill that you'd love to improve on, or you're just curious about other methods and learning new things, taking a course is a surefire way to add value to your work. Investing in your education is always worth it! 

Find a course (or two or three!) that you'd love to take this year - and then make a plan for how and when you're going to make it happen. 

To check out our Online Courses/Free Education Resources, click here

2. Get Inspired

Attend Events 

Attending in person events like the LashConference is one of the most powerful ways to draw inspiration for your career. Not only can you make new friends, have fun, and travel - but you also get to hear Top Leaders in the Industry share the things they did to find success. 

Make it a point to attend at least one in-person event this year, even if it's only virtually. We guarantee it will inspire you on next steps you can take to increase your business' bottom line, and reach all of your goals. 

For information on The LashConference 2022, click here

3. Get Renowned

Wholesale Products

Starting your own product line can be expensive, tedious, and often soak up a lot of precious time. Some companies will allow you to purchase their product at wholesale pricing and retail it to other lash artists in your area. We have several people who have started doing this with our product line, and they love it! All the local lash artists in their area can come shop in person, and they get to earn money simply by supplying. 

Look into this option for your business, and see if it makes sense for you! 

For more information on our Wholesale Program, click here. 


4. Get Involved

Become an Affiliate

If you're wanting to get involved with some of your favorite lash brands, see if they are accepting applications for new Affiliates/Influencers! You can often make a commission off of sharing your favorite products or creating content for the brand. This is another way you can add some extra change in your pocket without any overhead. 

We are currently accepting new Affiliates, so if you'd like to apply, click here or email us at hr@lashbomb.com.


5. Get Creative  

Try Something New

Are you sick of feeling like you do the same things all day, every day? Try a new set completely out of your comfort zone. Ask for a model who's willing to let you experiment so you can challenge yourself with something completely new and different - like L Curls, Colored Lashes, or a Strip Lash look! 

You can also shake it up on the business end - offer a new incentive for Referrals, make a New Client Welcome Goodie Bag, change the way your room is set up! Only you know what will be the right thing for your business. 

Write down three things you want to try this year that are completely new to you! 


6. Get Focused

Use Magnifying Glasses

If there's one thing that can really improve your accuracy and speed, its Magnifying Glasses. These things are a GAME CHANGER. They really do help you do your best work. Plus, when you have the right magnification, they can alleviate a lot of strain on your neck, shoulders, back, and eyes. They do take a minute to adjust to, but once you are used to wearing them, you'll never go back! 

To shop our Magnifying Glasses, click here

7. Get Skilled

Practice makes Progress

The truth is, perfecting any craft or skill takes time and dedication. The more you lash, the better you'll get! Take every chance you can get to practice, ask for feedback, and learn new things. 

At the end of the day, there's two things that will keep a client coming back to you. Your passion - and your skill. If you can give them their favorite set they have ever had, they will continue to come back to you time and time again. The better your skills are, the more prepared you are to give them the lashes they've always wanted.  So practice, practice, practice every chance that you get! 

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Here's to a phenomenal 2022 full of success, happiness, and connection.

Stay Fabulous, and Lash On!





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The History of LASHBOMB!

I believe I have become an accumulation of my life experiences and the choices I have made. I have learned to trust in the process of life and to honor my intuition by choosing trust over fear.

When I was a young girl, around 8 years old, my parents divorced. I was the youngest of 6 children. When I was 9 years old, my mother moved myself and 4 of my 6 siblings to Utah from Idaho. At that time, she bought a sporty Mustang with a T-Bird engine. I didn’t know much about cars but my siblings were always excited to ride in the maroon colored Mustang. We didn’t have much, but the way we felt when my mom would beat every young driver that challenged us to a drag race at the red lights was priceless. Wow – it made us feel like we were special and had something to be proud of.

One day, my mom came home and announced that we needed to trade the prized Mustang to acquire a more economically fueled vehicle. She was a single mother raising 4 children on a woman’s wage. We were devastated. How could this be? That car represented all that we had materially to be proud of. Nevertheless, we traded in the prized Mustang for a Dodge Dart Swinger. It wasn’t as flashy, but certainly better on gas.

My mother and I were very close. She taught me how to calculate gas mileage. Every time we filled up our car, we recorded the mileage and calculated our MPG. I soon realized the Dodge was far more economical than the Mustang. I felt comfortable with this because I knew the value of the money. My mom was teaching me how to write checks, pay bills, shop for groceries, and balance our budget each month.

About three weeks after purchasing the Dodge, I was alarmed at the gas mileage I calculated one day at the gas station. We started averaging 36 – 60 MPG and that continued over the next year or so. Wow, it was unexplainable and did not make sense. Nevertheless, we chose to count our blessings and give thanks.

One day, my mother came home from work and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital with her to visit our next-door neighbor, Bill, who had been hospitalized with cancer. “Cancer,” I asked, “what is that?” She explained, “We don’t know what it is, but it usually does not turn out favorable to someone who has it.” I said that I wanted to visit Bill and had no idea that he had been sick.

Bill died shortly after that. The interesting thing was that I noticed our gas mileage had gone down. It seemed like good fortune was not to be had in our neighborhood. Soon after the funeral, my mom noticed people at Bill’s house and went over to see if she could be of assistance. She came home after a couple of hours and sat me down.

She explained to me that the people who were at Bill’s house were his family and close friends. They told her of a story he told them about a neighbor lady who was trying to raise 4 children on her own and was struggling financially. He wanted to help but knew she would be embarrassed to receive a handout. When she bought a new car, he saw his opportunity to help. He snuck out of his house every 2 – 3 days at night and put gas in her gas tank, a little at a time, so she wouldn’t notice or suspect anything.

When I heard this story, it was as though my life stood still, suspended. Everything I had ever been taught, believed, and had learned was real and had just manifested itself. How was I so blessed to have had this experience? In that moment, I knew I wanted to be a “gas can”. I vowed to forever seek out opportunities to be a person with “the gas can”, ready to share and assist another in need.

At 49 years old, I found myself in a state of emotional struggle. Having experienced a divorce, rejection, and abandonment, I found myself alone and feeling undesirable. I found comfort in knowing I was and am a very strong person. I pondered ideas for my future, and how those options could assist myself and others. I decided to go back to school to become a Master Medical Esthetician. My plan was to acquire that licensing so I could work while I went on to become a nurse. While going to school, I realized I had a passion for helping others feel beautiful and confident in themselves. After participating in eyelash extension theory and clinical classes, I became obsessed with this procedure. It turned out I was a natural!

I started dreaming and imagining all the ways to make this procedure easier, more cost effective, safe, and healthy to the client. It turned out some things needed to be invented. So, I went to work on my ideas.

I came up with the name Girlfriends Beauty, which would in time become the mother company for Utah Lash and Day Spa and LASHBOMB. While going to school and working, I organized and developed an eyelash extension supply company and began to perfect my talents as an eyelash extension specialist. I began to sell my product and train others in my method.

In a very short time, my schedule started to get booked out two years in advance. I was working 6 – 7 days a week and 10 – 15 hours a day. I realized I needed to expand. Upon the insistence of my daughter, I started bringing on new girls in my studio and I trained them to apply eyelash extensions. We grew our space in no time.

Four years later, Utah Lash and Day Spa has hosts 10 – 15 girls doing lashes daily. Our lash studio has expanded to an additional studio in Arizona called Arizona Lash. Throughout this time, I have continually developed the supply side of the eyelash extension business that has become LASHBOMB. We feature our lash supply line at trade shows, on the Internet, and through beauty school networks. Through a cosmetic chemist, I have had lash growth serums, lash sealers, and lash cleansers formulated for lash nutrition and health. I continue to research products, services, and opportunities to offer individuals seeking to support themselves, their families, and their loved ones.

Thank you for considering to advance your training with LASHBOMB, and I look forward to seeing the success each of you will achieve in your life.

Jill Kindall