It can be difficult at first to know how to price your lash services. Fear not! It doesn't have to be! Research the market in your area. Find 3-10 other reputable lash professionals and calculate the average price being charged.

1. Start in the medium/high range - it is easier to lower prices than to raise them.

2. Be competitive! Never undersell yourself.

3. You deserve to make a profit for your skill. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Remember all the investments you have made to be in this industry.

4. It's okay to offer discounts on full sets when you are first starting out and practicing.

5. Do not give discounts on fills, unless you plan to keep the discounted rate. Clients have a harder time with a large price jump for fills.

6. Stand your ground with doubtful clients! For every client that won't pay your prices, there are three more that will!

Do you have any other pricing tips? We love collaborating with other artists and learning what has worked for them!