Who are you looking to reach?

What do they want to see? 

What type of clientele are they?

What are they looking for?

What social media site are they on most?

Who will your brand speak to?

BE HUMAN: The last thing you want to be is a “faceless business”. Let your followers learn about you! Your potential clients want to know YOU. Get personal and don’t be afraid to share pieces of your life that aren’t just “lash” content. 

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Never neglect the SOCIAL part of social media. It’s more important to have engaged followers than it is to have the most followers.

ORGANIZE & AUTOMATE: Organizing your posts will help you generate an audience who trusts you. Especially if you follow through with your plans. You can pre plan your posts with different apps. It’s best to do this weekly or monthly. This will keep you on track and consistent! When planning your posts look into things that are “trending” like “national eyelash day” (which is February 19th PS).

HELP BEFORE YOU SELL: You definitely want 10% of your posts to be a sales pitch for your business. But you never want everything you post to come across as “I need clients!”  or “Someone pay me!”. Social Media is your chance to stand out and give your followers content that they want to see. Instead of only selling them on your lash skills, remind them what lash extensions by you will do for them! No mascara, perfect for summer, why you use the best products (hint, hint)... etc.

OPTIMIZE: Make it easier for others to find you on social media by adding key words to your profile. Always include relevant hashtags, tags & share posts that are relevant. Tag LASHBOMB in your posts!

GET VISUAL: Pictures are everything! You are 8X more likely to receive a reaction from your viewers if you include a graphic. Take quality pictures and use good lighting!

CONSISTENCY IS KEY: Consistency is more important than perfection. You will go unnoticed if you’re not posting regularly. A good rule of thumb is to post once a day. You don’t want to post more than twice a day. Staying consistent will up your views, it shows you are an “active” account and helps your algorithm!

INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS: Social media marketing is free and works! However, you can boost posts on IG or FB. You can also run ads on FB or Google. You might do a giveaway or ask someone with a large following to mention your work (which may cost money). Remember, there are times you need to spend a little to make a lot. Not everything will work for everyone. You may have to experiment to see what your customers respond to best! Always evaluate your results after running a promo/ad.

BRAND YOURSELF: You want to become recognizable and have content that is cohesive. Pick out a color scheme, a few fonts, and a “vibe” for your social media pages and stick with them. These small details will make your page stand out and gain more attention.

QUALITY CONTENT: Your followers are looking for content, and it’s your job to show them it! Stand out and think outside the box! Write how you speak, add your personality to it, and above all show your passion. Passion and excitement are contagious and you will gain + keep valuable viewers if show them those things!

SET GOALS: Above all - Setting goals! Figure out what your objective is on social media. Most likely, it is to gain a clientele. Remember to go back to your goals monthly to re-evaluate. You may have to switch things up until you find what works for you and your brand!

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