The Perfect Summer Face


Your makeup and skincare routine should change with the seasons, especially for summertime. Summertime means heat, dryness, sweat, sun exposure, and the chemicals from pools. You will want to switch up the products you use in order to treat your skin right and look your very best. Take some time to review your skincare routine, as well as your go-to makeup products, and consider a trip to the day spa to achieve the perfect summer face.

Summer Skincare

WASH – You may need to wash your face more frequently during the summertime, due to swimming and sweating. Now is the perfect time for you to streamline your skincare routine. Since you’ll be washing your face more frequently it’s important that it’s quick and not irritating to your skin. Facial cleansing wipes are a great option since they can be packed along to the pool or beach. Consider switching to a more gentle, creamier cleanser if you have sensitive skin.

MOISTURIZE – The summertime can be an extremely drying time, so make sure you have a moisturizer that you like. A lightweight moisturizer can be layered underneath your makeup without making you look cakey or overdone. Use an oil-free version if your skin tends to be oily.

SPF – Protect your skin daily, even if you aren’t planning a trip to the pool or beach. Use a gentle formula that is designed for your face, so that you won’t run the risk of clogged pores. It’s also a good idea to wear a hat for shade to decrease sun exposure even further.

TREAT – If you find that sunscreen or sweat is wreaking havoc on your skin during summer months, book a service at a day spa. A facial or chemical peel can help clear your skin and remove any of the remaining impurities.


SKIN – The first concern for summer is your change in color. The foundation you use during the winter is probably too light for your summer skin. Adjust to a darker shade as you grow more brown. Avoid liquid foundations that can get melty under heat and sweat. A BB or CC cream that includes both moisturizer and SPF is an excellent choice for summertime.

COLOR – Switch from a rose blush to a coral during the summer months, and try a pink-y moisturizing gloss for your lips. Bronzer can define your cheekbones and accentuate your tan. Avoid eye colors if possible, as they run and smear in the summer heat, but ocean blues or bronzed shimmer are great options for eyeshadows if you need them!

EYES – If you need mascara or eyeliner, make sure you choose a waterproof option for the summer months. By far the best option you have is to invest in eyelash extensions during the summer. Your skin looks brighter and clearer, so you will need less makeup, and eyelash extensions mean you won’t need mascara or liner! In addition, you can spend time at the pool, lake, or beach without worrying about reapplying makeup to look nice.

Nikolette Moore