It’s July and believe it or not – back to school is right around the corner. What are your plans? Going back to school for something that sounded fun, but is actually proving to be pretty boring? Paying through the nose for tuition and attending class after class that you hate? Or maybe you are completely lost and down to the wire to figure out exactly what you’re supposed to be doing this fall. Some of you might actually be stuck in a dead end job, looking for something more. Have you ever considered becoming a Lash Technician?

It’s a growing field with a lot of options, and you may not have considered it before now. The good news is that anyone** can become a lash technician, anytime, anywhere. Regardless of your current fall plans, you could find yourself becoming a lash technician with flexible hours, great pay, and a set of lifetime skills to keep you employed and happy.

5 Reasons to Become a Lash Technician

  1. It’s more affordable than college! If you’re facing the staggering college tuition you might be wondering… will I have a job after this? How will I pay off all this student loan debt? The good news about becoming a lash technician is that not only is it much less expensive than college tuition, but you also KNOW you’ll have a job after. You will be able to offer your services as a lash technician either on your own or in a salon.
  2. Short Time Commitment. Four years of college? More if you’re going to get a masters or doctorate degree? No thanks! Most lash and esthetician programs take a year or less. That sounds way better than attending boring and expensive classes for the next several years.
  3. Flexible Schedule. One of the biggest pulls to becoming a lash technician is the flexible schedule. Once you’re a certified lash technician you will have the power to set your own schedule. Do you want Fridays off? Only work mornings? Never work mornings? It’s all in your power. This is especially nice for mothers or if you need to keep another job while working.
  4. Work from Home! Wouldn’t it be nice to work from home in your cozy clothes? No commute sounds pretty good, right? Working from home can decrease a plethora of costs. You always have the option to rent a booth in a spa or work in a salon, too. You have plenty of choices as a lash technician.
  5. Socialize everyday. If you’re the kind of person who gets dizzy just thinking about working from a boring, lonely cubicle – being a lash technician will suit you just fine. You get to work with people every single day. Make friends, meet and talk to all types of people, and watch your working hours fly by. Then brag to your friends who work a draining 9-5 in an office somewhere.

Getting certified to do lash extensions is as easy as contacting Lash Bomb about training and classes that will change your life!

**Some states, like Utah, do require an esthetics or cosmetology license to become an eyelash artist.

Nikolette Moore