The summer months are often the most popular and busiest months for lash technicians. Between weddings, vacations, dance competitions, and the desire to look effortlessly beautiful with little or no makeup when you’re at the pool, beach, lake, or even camping! It’s a great time for lash studios, because your business can really take off. However there are a lot of challenges that can come with running a lash studio during the summer months. If you’re careful and prepared, you can turn the busy summer months into a full year of success for you, your studio, and your clients.


  • Check your temperature & humidity. Not just for the comfort of your clients – though that is very important of course! Your lash adhesives need to be stored and applied in 64-77 degrees, with close to 50% humidity. If your temperature or humidity are off, you will have poor application and retention. Make sure you invest in a high quality thermometer that also measures the humidity of a room. Then use your thermostat, fans, humidifiers or dehumidifiers to get your studio to the perfect levels.
  • Keep your supplies sealed and out of direct sunlight. Airtight containers are particularly helpful, and blinds or cabinets can protect your products in a very sunny studio. Do your best to keep the products from getting hot during transportation, and remove as much air as possible from bottles after every use.
  • Carefully clean your client’s lashes completely before starting. You may think that you’re already doing that, but the summer months can mean more sweat, makeup, salt, chlorine, and other chemicals on your client’s face. Applying lash extensions to a client who isn’t completely clean can decrease the life of the lashes.
  • Remind your clients of good lash care tips, especially those regarding water and cleansing. You want your clients to have the best possible lash retention and to love the work you’ve done.
  • Run summer-themed promotions to gather new clients and drive new business. Promote deals on your website, social media accounts, and advertise in local similar businesses. Use summer themes and pitches to attract people who may not have ever tried lash extensions before.
  • Offer a full-set-and-fill deal that will bring customer’s back. Once they’ve had their lashes filled once, the likelihood of them coming back will increase. If you can plan to get them back in the door on the same day they get a full set – you may be able to convert them to a long term customer.
  • Offer your clients cool beverages while they wait or when they leave. Little touches of hospitality like this go a long way with customers, especially on a hot and sticky summer day.
  • Commit to giving your absolute best service possible. Many clients may be first timers, or intending to only come during the summer months. By providing them flawless, beautiful, lasting lash extensions you can ensure that they will be much more likely to come back for fills and sets in the future.
Nikolette Moore