Dear Lash Bomb,

My clients keep coming in with make-up on their eyes. What should I do?

What you can do is educate your clients. They may not know that it is an issue because no one has explained it to them! Be patient and calm. Kindly explain that it is very important that their lashes are clean. When their lashes are clean the adhesive will have a better bond, which will help their lashes stay on longer. Who wouldn’t want their lashes to bond better and last longer?!

When my clients know they are coming in for a fill, it seems like they pick and pull at their lashes. How can I change this?

Again, communicate your concerns while educating your clients. Explain what the oils and contaminants on their fingers are doing. Every time they pick or twist it’s damaging the hair follicles on their lash line. Make sure they know how beneficial it will be for them if you remove the lash extensions properly.

Some clients know what damage is being done, but the only thing that helps them is Lash Bomb’s Crystal Clear Sealer or Black Crystal Sealer. Both of these products hold the lashes in place especially when they have grown out. The Black Crystal Sealer helps to disperse pigments from your eye shadow. It can also help with clients who “sneak” mascara in between their fills!

I have a few clients who go 4 weeks in between fills. When they wait this long I spend time taking off the few lashes they still have on and then have to put on a new set. What can I do?

This is completely up to you! However we have a few ideas to help you get started!

Rescheduling your clients for multiple appointments can help get them in faster. Take notes about the appointment, how long it took to do a fill, how long they waited and how well they took care of the lashes between appointments. You will learn so much about their lash cycles and habits. With all this new information you will be able to schedule them appropriately and help them get the most out of their set.

You could also try having different pricing for the following:

  • Two-Week Fills: $40*
  • Three-Week Fills: $50*

Putting a policy in place stating that all appointments that are 3.5 weeks or longer will be considered a full set, is another possibility.

*Prices are a suggestion, you will want to price appropriately for your area.

Communicating with your clients will not only help your business grow, but it will show how much you care about your clients and their lash health.

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Nikolette Moore