8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Eyelash Extensions


How much I would love them!

I really can not express how much I love my eyelash extensions! I will tell you right now that you will love your eyelash extensions. I can’t imagine my life without my “eye accessories” now that I have them. They enhance my natural beauty and they are low maintenance. 


volume lashes

Volume DD 14 & 15 Length

I wish I knew what kind of eyelash extensions I wanted ahead of time.

There are 5 different curls, 4 different thicknesses, and 2 different styles  for eyelash extension. You can choose a J, B, C, D or DD curl. Each curl is a different style, so you can find the perfect look for you! You also have the choice between classic and volume lashes. Classic lashes are one extension to one natural lash. Volume lashes are 3-4 very thin extensions to one natural lash in a fan formation. The Volume lashes will have a longer retention time and are able to give you the drama you are looking for. Classic lashes are perfect for women who want more of a natural look. Look at the diagram below to see exactly what each style looks like!


styles of eyelash extensions


How much time I save!

My morning routine is a breeze! No matter how many times I press snooze, I arrive at work looking and feeling ‘ready’. I can literally say, “I woke up like this!”. When you have eyelash extensions, you look like you are wearing makeup all the time. This is great for mornings when I want to sleep in or just let my skin breathe for the day!


How much money I spend… and knowing that I would STILL do it all over again!

It saves me so much time, hassle and stress by having my eyelashes done. Everyone has that one thing that they like to do for themselves. For me, eyelashes are what I like to treat myself to. My husband and my best girlfriend even treat me to my lashes every once in a while. It’s like a mani day for your eyes!


lash extensions


How they would affect my natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions do not cause any damage to your natural lashes. However, it is dependent on your lash artist and how you take care of your eyelash extensions at home! Make sure that you choose the right stylist and take care of your lashes! LASHBOMB Explosive Growth Serum is just one way that you can promote the health of your natural lashes!


long eyelashes


How perfect my eyelashes are!

Even if you buy the most expensive mascara, you will not be able to recreate your eyelash extensions! Eyelash extensions may be a greater upfront cost than mascara, but you are saving so much on the makeup you don’t need! If you are the person that wants to add a bit of drama to your look, try LASHBOMB Black Crystal Sealer. It’s practically a mascara for your eyelash extensions. It also has nutrients to promote the health of your natural lashes.

eyelash extensions


Lash artists need to be trained!

Always, always, always check to make sure that your lash artist is well trained and licensed. Most of the time, damage to your lashes is done by a lash artist that has not been properly trained. You can always ask your lash artist where they trained and if they are licensed. In some states, it is illegal to apply eyelash extensions without a license.


lash extension care


The care associated with eyelash extensions.

Your eyelash extensions, just like any other part of your body,  need to be taken care of. Be sure to wash your lashes when you wash your face or you are in the shower. To wash your lashes, take your favorite lash cleanser or gentle soap and massage it into the lashes. Gently rinse your lashes and allow to dry before brushing through them. Keeping your lashes clean allows for better retention and more time between fills!



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Nikolette Moore