Eyelash Extension Client Retention is incredibly important for your personal business. As an eyelash extension distributor you depend on your clients to make revenue, but the best clients are the ones who keep coming back. It’s much more efficient and successful to keep your clients coming back, time after time, than it is to constantly find and service a random population of one-time clients.  Consider some of these ideas for your eyelash extension client retention and implement one or two to see if you can get some of your clients to come back again – and again. Clients who like you and return are much more likely to buy more products and refer their friends to you, meaning even more revenue!


Take a minute right before or after doing their lash extensions to book their next appointment. Not only will their lashes get filled in a timely manner, keeping them beautiful and happy between appointments, but they are also much more likely to come back. If they leave and wait to call you until their lashes are in desperate need of a fill they may not be able to get in or end up seeing another lash artist last minute. Book with them face-to-face to increase their follow-up appointments.


Consider offering a special perk for clients who return to your salon or buy your services. This might be a free product, a punch card, a discount on a service, or anything else you can come up with! Showing your clientele that you are appreciative of them and their business speaks volumes and will keep people coming back.


If you are able to form a personal connection or friendship with a client the chances of them returning are very high! Do your best to ask friendly and appropriate questions to get to know them, and remember details about them and their life in subsequent appointments. If they feel like they’re coming to see a friend they will stick with you for the long run!


A client might want heavy, dark, dramatic lashes, but their natural lashes are a mess. Sure, you could just give the client what they want. But you know her lashes will not support dramatic extensions and will do damage in the long run. She likely will attribute the problems to YOU and not return. On the flip side, communicate honestly to her about her natural lashes and your recommendations. She’ll appreciate your honestly and your care for her healthy beauty.


At the end of the day what keeps people coming back is always quality. If you do amazing work you will have repeat customers. Practice your technique. Take courses, watch YouTube videos, apprentice or shadow more experienced lash technicians. Do whatever you can to continue improving your lash extension skills. Clients will appreciate and return if their lashes look healthy, pretty, and last for longer than they expect.

Finding new customers is so important, but in order to actually benefit from your lash business you need to keep those clients coming back. Be the best eyelash extension artist you can be and you will maintain your client retention.

Nikolette Moore