A common question for people considering eyelash extensions is “Can I wear makeup with them?” The answer is thankfully “Yes!” As long as you’re doing it right. For a lot of women, eyelash extension alone make them look feminine, awake, and put together. Many women feel comfortable wearing only eyelash extensions! However, this is not always the case for everyone. Eyelash extensions aren’t going to fix acne, scarring, discoloration, dark circles, or other skin concerns. And even with the pretty and sometimes dramatic statement of lashes you will still want some pretty shading and definition on your eyes. That’s great! Here are some tips and ideas for making sure you look your very best, while still showcasing and preserving your beautiful eyelash extensions when wearing makeup.


Always keep your eyelash extensions brushed and carefully cleaned. This is even more important when you regularly wear makeup with your eyelash extensions. Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser to clean off your makeup each time. Remove ALL of the makeup, as residue can damage your lashes, but be careful to avoid harsh scrubbing or picking. Brush out your lash extensions before and after applying makeup to ensure that all are upright and smooth – no twisting or tugging.


Use an eyeshadow primer to help your powder stay where it’s put. Use a small, tight bristled brush and tap away excess powder before applying to your lid. Avoid getting powder on your eyelashes, but if it happens just use a clean brush or mascara wand to remove the excess powder.


when applying these to the eye area be careful to avoid direct contact with your lashes. If the formulas are sticky or take a while to dry do your best to look upward, keeping your lashes away from the area until it is completely dried.


Now that your lashes are thicker, longer, and darker with eyelash extensions make sure that your eyebrows aren’t disappearing into your face! Use a pencil, loose powder, or gel to carefully shape and thicken your eyebrows to match your beautiful eyelash extensions.


use with caution. Choose a gentle, thin formula that IS NOT waterproof. Waterproof mascaras are notoriously difficult to remove, resulting in twisted, torn, and damaged lash extensions. If you feel you need a little more definition, or you’re getting close to a fill appointment and are looking a little sparse you can use mascara sparingly. Brush through your lashes first, then carefully apply a thin, even sweep over your lashes from root to tip. Avoid jiggling the wand at the roots or else you’ll be agitating the glue adhesive.

The great news about eyelash extensions is that they will help you be the most beautiful version of yourself, and hopefully mean that you don’t need near as much makeup on a regular basis. However, if you do still feel the need for makeup – go for it! Do whatever makes you feel beautiful. Just use caution and carefully choose your products, and remove gently at the end of the day to ensure your lashes will last and look beautiful for weeks on end.

Nikolette Moore