If you’re in the market for long, beautiful eyelashes, then you’re not alone. Eyelash extensions are growing in popularity in the beauty industry – with good reason. Eyelash extensions mean you can have beautiful lashes without mascara, liner or makeup. It means you can look “done up” while doing absolutely nothing. It means no running mascara, no smudged liner and no flaking shadow. You can look gorgeous and put together on the beach, at the gym and when you first wake up in the morning. Lash extensions truly are a miracle service for most women. Hence the popularity!

There are many different types of eyelash extensions, however. There are a variety of options which might suit your needs.


These are popular for people who like to dress up for events. These are great for costumes, dances, competitions, weddings, parties or any other special occasion for which you want to look extra pretty. They are relatively easy to apply, although they can sometimes dislodge or slide around. And, of course, they are only temporary. Some women buy a few strips and reapply them daily, taking them off at night and sticking them back on in the morning – then throwing them away when they show too much wear.


Just one step up from lash strips, these are individual lashes applied with a temporary glue, usually done at home. You add a few here and there to add length and volume without the upkeep and cost of full lash extensions. They can, however, damage your lashes if not properly applied.


These lashes are acrylic, shiny and sturdy. They are used by a lash technician to make the fullest, most dramatic sets of lashes. They also are the least likely to cause any kind of allergic reaction or irritation to your eyes. They are heavier and more durable than other types of lashes, so they are best applied to a full, healthy set of lashes. Because of their weight they can damage real lashes if improperly applied or worn over a long period of time.


Silk lashes are lighter and softer, so they lend a more natural look to your lash extensions. Because they are lighter they tend to be better if your lashes are fine or thin. Silk lashes are longer lasting than synthetic, but are more flexible and mobile than synthetic.


These are the most luxurious and most expensive types of lashes. Mink fur or the man-made fiber alternative is the lightest, softest and glossiest option. They last a very long time and even adhere closer to your natural lashes than any other type. Even a full set looks natural, so if you want a dark and dramatic look then synthetics might be best for you. But like silk, mink lashes are very soft and fluffy. The only drawback is that they lose their curl when wet, so curling might be necessary. These appointments usually take longer as more lashes are required and they are more difficult to adhere, and more expensive as the material is pricier.

Talk to a salon or lash artist/technician about the types of lashes they prefer and what would be best for your look and budget. There are plenty of options and you should be able to find the perfect fit for your beauty routine.

Nikolette Moore