Caring for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a commitment, even if you plan to only get them once for a special event or occasion. You pay a good amount of money, lay in a chair for more than an hour and walk out looking like the prettiest version of yourself. Whether you plan to come back in a month for a fill or not, you want to keep those lashes looking beautiful, natural and healthy. Even the best eyelash extensions can be short-lived and even destructive to your natural lashes if you aren’t taking care of them. The good news is that taking good care of your eyelash extensions is actually very easy – and rewarding. By taking care of your extensions you can make them last longer, look prettier, and protect the growth of your natural eyelashes.

Come Prepared

Show up to your appointment on time, with all of your eye makeup (lid, lashes and even below your eyes) carefully removed. Starting with clean lashes is a critical step for making sure your lash extensions go on correctly and stick appropriately for the longest possible lifespan. Not to mention your lash technician will have to remove the makeup for you, meaning less time for lash application. Make sure you have used the bathroom and taken a drink, and then get comfortable for the long haul. The less you move during the appointment the more likely you are to get clean and even lash application.

Let them Cure

For the first 24-48 hours the glue for your extensions will be curing, meaning they are still setting up. During this time it is important to keep them dry and as untouched as possible. Avoid applying makeup, washing your eye area, and even the steam from the shower. Try your best to sleep on your back, because sometimes rubbing your eyes into your pillow can loosen fresh lashes and cause them to fall out prematurely. Talk to your lash technician about this curing period and what she suggests to let your lashes set up safely.

Keep it Oil-Free

Makeup and beauty products are great and safe to use with eyelash extensions. Just be wary of products that rely on oil. Oil can break down some of the adhesives in the glue used for lash extensions, meaning they can twist and fall out before they are ready. When washing your face, use an oil-free cleanser and don’t scrub or pull at your lashes. If you snag the extensions on a cloth or cleanser pad it can pull out the extension and natural lash, tearing and damaging the eyelash follicle permanently! Just be gentle and careful.

Get a Regular Fill

Don’t wait too long to get a fill. Some people take their time between appointments to save money, but towards the date of their fill the extensions have grown out and started to twist and pull on the natural lashes. They are more likely to snag or irritate you, meaning you’ll touch, scrub and pull them out much more, damaging your natural lashes. Go see a lash technician to remove extensions if you don’t want a fill, or go get a regular fill to keep your lashes healthy and full.

Nikolette Moore