3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Eyelash Extensions

You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy! If there’s one thing we could use a little more of – it’s time. Between family, work, school, chores and a long list of other obligations, most of us are always at least a little bit behind on what we need to get done. If you’re a woman this sometimes means you are sacrificing your “me time” in order to get everything done. When you’ve got a full day of craziness ahead of you your hair and makeup are usually the first things to go out the window. It simply feels wasteful to spend extra time on your appearance when there are so many other urgent things which need to be done! For this reason, a lot of women turn their noses up at the thought of eyelash extensions. They’ll take up frequent and long appointments in your schedule. They’re expensive. They’re high maintenance. They’ll mean fancy makeup every single day, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

Actually the good news is that eyelash extensions provide a way for you to take care of yourself, look great, AND save a lot of time (and even money!) in the long run.

Less Makeup – Women who wear lash extensions usually report that they need less makeup. Some women can get away without wearing any when they have lash extensions! The lash extensions are longer, darker and fuller, so they lift your eye area and really make your eyes “pop.” You can wear eye-shadow and liners if you want to! But you probably won’t need it. That’s great for your skin, your wallet AND your morning alarm clock time.

Low Maintenance – Sure you’ll need to get fills every 2-3 weeks, and those appointments can seem a little long. But other than driving to and from the appointment you won’t need to do anything else! Many women will tell you that they look forward to their appointments as an hour or two where they can lay down and just relax – and leave looking prettier! Lash extensions don’t require daily care or special products (just avoid oil-based ones if you can to preserve your lashes). Unlike mascara which has to be applied, touched up and then washed off every day – you don’t need to do a single thing for your lash extensions each day. This saves you important time in the morning when you’re rushing off to school, work or errands, and it shortens your nighttime routine – meaning you get to bed sooner! For some reason people think lash extensions will be a lot of work, but actually the opposite is true. Lash extensions can make your routine faster and easier every single day.

Big Impact – Once you get eyelash extensions it’s sometimes hard to believe you ever lived without them! The look can be as natural or dramatic as you would like, but the commitment is small. It’s not a tattoo or plastic surgery, but it will seriously enhance your look. With or without makeup you will look noticeably prettier, more feminine and more put together. And imagine that – with less time and effort than your current beauty routine!

Eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone, but don’t write them off as too high maintenance or time consuming. Talk to a lash technician today to see how lash extensions can make your life easier – and prettier!

Nikolette Moore