How to Choose a Lash Technician…to Fit Your Style

Any type of beauty service is going to be personal. You are trusting someone with your very appearance – your body! Not to mention our bodies, our appearances, OUR LOOK is something very sensitive to most people. Trusting that to another person, especially a stranger, can be particularly challenging. You have to wonder if they’ll “get” you. Will they get your style? Will they listen to your wants, needs and fears? Are they trained enough to successfully complete the work you want done? On top of trust and insecurity, you are also going to be spending quite a bit of time very regularly with this person. Do you like them? Do they like you? Will a long appointment of service and small talk with this person annoy you – or make you feel like you’re visiting with a close friend? In the end you will need to choose the person who best meets your personal needs.

Lash technicians are no exceptions to these rules. In fact, you may want to have even higher standards for a lash technician than any other type of beautician or trusted service person you employ. Lashes are tricky, and the quality of work can differ vastly from person to person. Lash technicians will be working with sharp tweezers, pokey hairs and chemicals around your eyes, so you will want to feel complete trust in them and comfortable in their care. Lash appointments are sometimes two hours long – that is a LOT of small talk. And depending on how frequently you get lash fills, you may be seeing your lash technician once or twice a month! A bad lash technician might not only be annoying or pricey, but they could also do serious damage to your natural lashes, so finding the right fit for you is supremely important.

How can you find the right lash technician? It might take a little time and effort, but the results will be well worth it.

  1. Do your research! Use Google, Yelp, call local salons and read up. How much are full sets and fills going for in your area? How many options do you have available to you? What is your budget for lashes and how frequently can you get them filled? You’ll need to be well-versed in the world of lash extensions to find what is right for you. Keep in mind that price usually reflects quality, but of course there are some exceptions to this rule.
  2. As part of your research be sure that you understand what differentiates poor product from quality product. Then, be sure the lash artist you go with uses quality products. Poor products can be harmful and require a lot more upkeep. On the other hand, quality products usually have no adverse effects and just help you look gorgeous!
  3. Ask around for referrals. Start with friends you trust. Do they get lash extensions or know someone who is a lash technician? They could at least get the ball rolling for you. If you see a girl at your gym or in the mall and think “Wow. Her lashes look amazing!” work up the courage to ask her where she gets her extensions.
  4. Consultations – most lash technicians will offer a free consultation before working on you. Think of it as a low risk first date. You can check out their setup, see pictures of their work and let them talk you through their policies. Some lash technicians want their clients to come back at set times and charge them more if they take longer between fills. Some lash technicians require their clients to listen to music or nap silently so they can work faster. At a short consultation you should be able to get a good feel for this lash technician and decide if they would be a good fit for you. Don’t feel obligated to book an appointment with them if it just doesn’t feel right. Thank them for their time and move on to the next potential lash technician on your list.

It can seem pointless and even awkward trying to find the right lash technician to meet your needs. It may seem far too time-consuming when you can just book with the lady on your street or the top-reviewed online. Resist the urge to book the first lash technician you find. You’ll be spending a lot of time and a significant amount of money to get gorgeous, long-lasting lash extensions. It’s worth it to wait and find the right fit. Your future self, your lash technician, and your lashes will thank you!

Nikolette Moore