The holidays are here! It’s time to get down to business – your business! Everyone is searching urgently for the perfect gift, getting ready for an endless stream of holiday parties and events, and dealing with large amounts of fun and crazy stress. Now is a great time for you and your salon or studio to make a little extra dough, while taking your business to the next level. There are a few steps you can take to improve your salon offerings, gain new customers, and boost your retention.

  1. Decorate! It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but a few holiday decorations around your space is very welcoming and festive. You don’t even need a tree! Hang up some Christmas lights, and bring in a snowman family or Nativity scene for your countertops. Light a Christmas scented candle for extra holiday cheer!
  2. Print up Gift Certificates. You can easily design your own or find a template online, and print them for a small price. Eyelash Extensions and any other services you offer would be amazing options for gifts. Your clients may want to buy them for their friends and family, so having some to offer during their appointments is a great option.
  3. Upsell! It’s a great time to boost your product sales. Make sure you are fully stocked, and even find some hot new items to offer. Find a way to redesign or decorate your product display to make it more visible and desirable. Indicate that the products would make a great Christmas present! Offer a discount or small free product for your clients with a purchase of a more expensive service.
  4. Promote your Salon & Services! Offer referral promotions to your clients. Keep in mind that a target audience for your gift certificates, men buying for their wives & girlfriends, aren’t likely to be in your salon to discover your amazing deals. How can you reach them? Run an ad campaign on social media or place fliers in public places. Share your business cards and encourage clients and friends to suggest your services – not only as Christmas gifts, but also for holiday primping! Everyone wants to look a little better for the parties and events of the season.
  5. Reward your Loyal VIPs! Offer a small gift or discount to your most loyal customers. This small gesture will go a long way towards client retention. Showing them that you find them important and vital to your business is a key part of long term success. Don’t forget about your employees and suppliers, too! Giving them a small present or gift card to show your appreciation builds satisfaction and loyalty.

The holidays are a great time to make your business stronger and more profitable. It’s simple and easy to improve your services and grow your clientele during the holiday season with just a little bit of effort. Don’t forget what Christmas is all about – giving! If you focus on giving more to your customers and potential clients, you’ll receive more in the end – a happy and lucrative business.

Nikolette Moore