Wine and Cheese. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Popcorn and a Movie. Some things just go better together. 

The Lashbomb Method is our system of products that were formulated to go together and give you the best retention results possible. 

The Equalizer (Primer) minimizes the uncertain effects of heat and humidity on your adhesive's performance. Apply the Equalizer to the base of the natural lashes prior to extension application. The Equalizer will prepare the protein of the natural lash to safely accelerate the drying time and extend the glue bond without compromising its integrity. For volume lashes, you can also apply the Equalizer to the base of the eyelash extension strip prior to application.

Bomb Diggity Adhesive is our all time best seller and is a crowd favorite for a reason. It has a 0-1 second dry time and a 5-6 week bond. This glue is fast, works well in all humidities and climates, and when paired with the primer bonds almost instantly. Low fumes, great retention, and regarded by thousands as their favorite adhesive of all time. 

Keratin Infused Crystal Sealer is the final step to the Lashbomb Method, and one that enhances the retention and lash health significantly! This Sealer was formulated specifically to strengthen the bond of the adhesive. The Keratin binds and plumps the natural lashes from the inside out. It contains crucial vitamins and nutrients for the lashes that keep them strong, and help the extensions last longer, and look better. Apply a small amount on the base of the lashes at the end of the appointment, let dry, and then the client is ready to go on their way.