HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK! In honor of gratitude - we thought we'd touch on a topic that helps you give your clients the best experience possible. After all, we are all so grateful for the clients that have helped us get where we are today.

It's probably no surprise that it's extremely important to respect your clients time just as well as you expect them to respect your time.

Here are our tips on making sure you are prepared for their appointment and building a respectable relationship with all your loved clients.

1. BE PREPARED - Get to your workspace 10-15 minutes before your first appointment to make sure everything is set up and clean. (lights/music on, tools/lashes set up, hands washed)

2. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - Get a good night's rest before a long day of lashing. Eat breakfast and bring a snack.

3. BALANCE IS KEY - Schedule breaks into your schedule to keep a balanced life.

4. PERSONAL HEALTH - Don't come into work sick. I you feel like you are coming down with something, stay home! If you absolutely cannot reschedule your clients - make sure to have a steady supply of face masks and hand sanitizer.

5. QUALITY - Learn to say no to potential clients to not compromise the quality of your work for your current clients. Instead of over scheduling yourself, start a waiting list.

6. STAY PROFESSIONAL - With any business, you will have your difficult clients. It is important to handle every situation in a respectful manner. If you run into a situation where you and a client are not seeing eye to eye, remain calm and respectful. It's okay to 'fire' a difficult client in a professional way if they are hindering your inner peace.

We believe being the best professional you can be shows your clients that you are grateful for them. What are your best professionalism tips? 

Alex Jameson