Size Chart

a·tom·ic bombshell

(noun) makes a strong impression, extremely powerful

: the cause and object of sensational and widespread attention, excitement, or attraction

An atomic bomb is the splitting of heavy nuclei into smaller units, releasing energy. This explosion is so powerful, there is nothing quite like it.

 This comparison was honestly the only way we could describe these new Mega Volume Lashes. At an insanely small diameter of .03, they are small, but indescribably powerful when split into jaw-dropping Mega Volume fans. They are explosively stunning in every way.

 Your Mega Volume Sets are about to be the object of sensational and widespread attention, excitement and attraction on a whole new level. We knew we had to set them apart, because using them will set YOU apart as a lash artist.

 Warning: Extremely Addicting. Once you try these, you will never look back!

If your favorite size is out of stock, check out our other .03 line in the meantime. LASHBOMB .03 MEGA VOLUME TRAYS