As an eyelash technician you certainly have your own personal list of pet peeves when it comes to working with clients. Sometimes these may be silly little irritations, but sometimes they are big problems that can interfere with your work. Rather than waiting for a big problem to come up during an appointment, creating the need for an awkward conversation, it’s smart to create a good list of client etiquette expectations. If you have a good, comprehensive list that you can share with your clients you will hopefully prevent any potential problems, as well as helping your work be as flawless and long-lasting as possible.

Take some time to think about your biggest pet peeves, and the things that could endanger your ability to provide perfect service and lash technique to your clients. Begin making a list, including explanations, for why you discouraged certain behaviors. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sickness– Don’t come! If you are sick, or even suspect that you may be sick then call and cancel. Your lash technician will understand and appreciate your thoughtful behavior. If you really need your lashes done at that time or on that day, wear fresh clothes, disinfect your hands, face, phone, keys and anything else that you might bring with you, and wear a face mask – just in case. Do your very very best to not bring sickness to your lash appointment because those are some close quarters!

 Cancellation – Do it in a timely manner, please! Remember that this is your lash technician’s job, and this is how they make money. If you cancel with enough notice they can fill your spot and still make that expected profit, but if you cancel last minute you might be removing that option. Let your lash technician know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.

 Communicate first – Make sure you are very clear about what you want BEFORE your lash technician starts. Pictures are very helpful, but descriptions will work as well. Talk with your lash technician about how much time, effort, and price is attached to their work or any options you have (volume, classic, etc.) so that you and your lash technician are on the same page. If you have a problem afterwards, please remember that it’s probably just because the lash technician didn’t know exactly what you were expecting.

 Shower beforehand please! – Much like sickness, this etiquette is critical for close quarters. You will be very close to your lash technician for an hour at least, so being fresh and clean is definitely appreciated. But beyond that it is actually the best thing to do for your lashes. Getting them wet within 24 hours is a huge problem, so showering beforehand means you can delay your next shower until it’s safe to get your lashes wet again.

 Respect the Prices – As stated above, this is the lash technician’s business. This is how they make money, and they’ve set their prices based on their supplies, rentals, and time. To ask for special pricing or to come with a negotiation is problematic and disrespectful to your lash technician. If you cannot afford services, look elsewhere or save up until you can afford the services, please.

 Add these and any others to your list, post them in your space, and share them with your clients. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but it will make your eyelash extension business more successful in the long run!

Nikolette Moore