As a child, I watched my mother struggle as a single parent to make a good life for her family. I vowed to always be a person that would help future women support their families through a rewarding career.  

At 49 years old, I found myself in a state of emotional struggle. Having experienced a divorce, rejection, and abandonment, I found myself alone and pondered ideas for my future, and how those options could assist myself and others.

I decided to go back to school to become a Master Medical Esthetician. My plan was to acquire that licensing so I could work while I went on to become a nurse and do injections. While going to school, I realized I had a passion for helping others feel beautiful and confident in themselves. After participating in eyelash extension theory and clinical classes, I became obsessed with this procedure. It turned out I was a natural! I knew it was what I was going to do the rest of my life. However, the products back then were not optimal. 

 I started dreaming and imagining all the ways to make this procedure easier, more cost effective, safe, and healthy to the client. It turned out some things needed to be invented. So, I went to work on my ideas. 

 While going to school and working, I organized and developed an eyelash extension supply company and began to perfect my talents as an eyelash extension specialist. I began to sell my product and train others in my method. 

Thus, Lash Bomb was born.

We feature our lash supply line at trade shows, our website, Mobile App, and through beauty school networks. Through a cosmetic chemist, I have had lash growth serums, lash sealers, and lash cleansers formulated for lash nutrition and health. I continue to research products, services, and opportunities to offer individuals seeking to support themselves, their families, and their loved ones.

Our goal has always been, and will always be, to help lash artists explode their careers and lash more efficiently through reliable products and education. 

Stay Fabulous, and Lash On! 


Jill Kindall - Founder and CEO