Certification Kit



5 ML Bottle of Bomb Diggity

5 ML Bottle of Clear Fusion

Silver Bomb Tweezer Tapered #43

Silver Bomb Tweezer Angled #42

Silver Volume Tweezer

Silver Premier Mini Tweezer


Gel Remover

Keratin Infused Crystal Sealer

Keratin Infused Black Sealer

Explosive Growth Serum

Lash Splash Cleanser

Disposable Microfiber Swabs

Disposable Mascara Wands

Battery Operated Fan

Glue Vault

Roll of Tape

Red Scissors

15 Flex Fit Eye Pads

15 Lint Free Eye Pads

15 Sensitive Eye Pads

Black Square Pillow

Magnifying Glasses #43 (Unless specified otherwise)

C .18 7-15 or 8-15

D .15 7-15 or 8-15

10D C .05 8-11 Premade

C or D .07 7-15 Blooming Tray

C .07 7-15mm or 8-15mm

C .05 7-15mm or 8-15mm